Day 208: Throwback 5: Christmas Dinner


It almost pained me not to enshrine this memory for the post for the 25th, but here will do fine. On Christmas Day, we went to a Churrascaria -- a barbecue restaurant -- where a never-ending stream of waiters carrying a kaleidoscopic assortment of freshly, perfectly cooked meats* come out of the kitchen and stop at your table to ask "Would you like some?". It's impossible to keep up with every offer (and I tried!), so eventually you end up with a stockpile of meat and you have to keep turning people away until you work through it.

I thought I would explode for the next 18 hours, but it was so worth it.

*rib-eye, sirloin, featherblade, and fillet steaks; brisket; roast pork; pork ribs; beef ribs; chicken wings; honey mustard chicken; I'm pretty sure they wheeled out half a cow at one point; and I'm sure a lot else besides! All that was missing was a side of turkey and ham.