Day 196: Floor, sweet floor


I'm beginning to think camping and I are not a good mix.

This was our rain shelter for tonight, under which the group of 9 of us hung our hammocks (using only 10 pieces of rope, because we weren't given enough for everyone). Then when we started to settle in to sleep, the whole damn thing collapsed. Because there were 9 of us and this was just too much for the wood to handle. Our guide made new supports and that was fine.

Except I can't sleep in hammocks. So I got no sleep at all. Until 4am or so when all of a sudden I found myself on the ground again, as my hammock had ripped underneath me.

So I slept on the ground, with no cushioning except the clothes I was wearing. I couldn't even take my broken hammock down and put that underneath me, because two other peoples' hammocks were relying on it.

So I got about 3 hours of sleep in the dirt, before the mosquitoes woke up and found me. That was the end of sleep for me.