Day 77: Trans-PETAR: Day 1 - A Walk in the Park


Up at the crack of 8am, we set out for the easy part of our hike: Just 10km today to get to our camp-site, with the first 5 or so kilometres being along a road, and only the latter half being true "trail".

We had a bit of everything here. Some nice sun, some cool breezes, river-crossing, gorgeous sights. The trail got a bit rough at times, and I was wrecked by the end, but it was totally worth it. And then once the sun went down, we went on a bioluminscence hunt under the Milky Way. At one point we stood in front of a patch of grass with so many glowing larvae that it looked like the sky had fallen down. Really made up for all the fire ants that got in everyone's pants on the way there!

Only at about 8pm did things start getting a bit bad. That's when the thunderstorm hit, and we all had to seek shelter in our tents. But no tent is ever going to fully stand up to the relentless downpour of a thunderstorm in the rainforest. So we all slept a little cold and damp.