Day 76: Trans-PETAR: Day 0 - On Your Marks...


After work today, the staff drove to the Caverna de Santana end of PETAR national park, left the cars there, and got in a van which took us to the Nucleo de Caboclos end of the park, all the way out past Apiai, a good two hours' drive more.

From there the van took us along the first* 8 kilometres of the Trans-PETAR trail -- a 32km path along the length of the park, marked as trail 9 on this map -- which we will be walking the remaining 24km of, starting tomorrow.

Tonight though, we get to sleep in spider-infested cabins. Lovely.

*Technically last, because unlike most people who hike this trail, we're not stupid, so we chose to do it "backwards". A.k.a. the direction that's mostly downhill