Day 41: Bioluminescent Algae Hunt


Today was a holiday in Iporanga, so Nina, Imran, and I drove back to Cananeia with the sole aim of finding the bioluminescent algae which is supposedly abundant in the waters -- but which not even the other staff of IPBio had ever actually seen before.

When the sun set, our boat guy -- Henrique -- took us out on the water[1], and once we got away from the lights of the town, we could see that every splash our boat made, every movement of our hands over the side, the wake... all of it was glowing blue.

If this wasn't amazing enough, Henrique took us to a beach, let us off the boat, and then left us there for half an hour.

Walking through the waves, every step stirring the algae and making the water glow, with the moonless, cloudless night revealing the Milky Way overhead, in complete silence except for the waves lapping the shore and the occasional cry of "This is amazing!!" is without a doubt the most incredible experience I have ever had.

The one and only negative of the night was that none of us had the equipment needed to take a photo of any of this -- hence my photo today being nothing but a demonstration of the darkness -- but when we go back (and we will go back), we'll go prepared.

[1] Henrique lives on one of the smaller islands off the coast of Cananeia, so he had seen the algae before, but had never gone on a "hunt" with tourists before. New experiences for everyone!

On top of all this: Happy Anniversary, Nina!